About Us

Playopolis is a media site all about board and card games, also known as “tabletop” or “hobby “ games. We aim to cover the most exciting news and releases in the board game world, provide detailed reviews and analysis of games and create articles and features about one of the most enjoyable – and fastest growing – past times in the world.

The Team

Alongside help for freelancers, our main core team consists of:

Daniel Nethersole: Alongside programming the entire site from scratch, Daniel is also responsible for most of the site design. Daniel’s favourite games tend to be either more in-depth, hardcore titles or any game where he can lie, steal and attack the rest of the team.

Rebekah Jordan: Becky mainly writes reviews and articles, and is our family game expert, often using her two children as (willing) guinea pigs for the more casual games we cover. Becky also runs a busy social night at our café where we put our deception and party games to the test.

Robert Clarke: Rob acts as half writer, half editor. He’ll play just about anything, and enjoys a wide range of different types of games. His favourite games tend to be quite deep and replayable titles with a lot of player interaction.

Jamie Maisner: Jamie oversees production of our video content as well as writing reviews for more accessible releases. His favourite games tend to involve streamlined mechanics and anything with a narrative focus.

Ethical Information

We have no financial stakes in any board game publisher or developer. All our reviews are written subjectively and based on the opinion of the writer or group of writers involved.

Our board games are either paid for directly by us, or they are provided by publishers and developers. In the case of a game being provided, this is clearly noted alongside the review itself. Providing a game to us does not guarantee a positive review.

Our online store exists as an extension of our existing board game café, and as such is managed by a café manager who is not involved in our reviews – though we do tend to suggest that we stock games that we rate highly in reviews, we do not write positive reviews purely to sell games in our café or store.