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Author: Sam Packer

Published March 12, 2018

Please say this is not the new box art...

Andrei Novac of NSKN Games has confirmed that they will be releasing numerous games in the next year, as revealed in a Board Game Geek article.

The first thing of note is that NSKN Games will be reprinting Tony Boydell's Snowdonia: Deluxe Edition. This reprint will include the game's expansions and new content added in too. This will be up on Kickstarter in the Summer of this year and is expected to hit shelves early 2019.

Boydell has described new features to this 'Deluxe Edition' in a separate post on Board Game Geek. Features may include new high-quality pieces, new items, and a double-sided board. These will supposedly be adapted to work with the original edition of the game.

Next on the list is Błażej Kubacki's Chronicles of Frost, which had a successful Kickstarter campaign late 2017 and is planned to release June this year. 1-4 players can work together or against each other in this game set in the Mistfall universe.

Then in November, they plan to build on Chronicles of Frost with the All That Burns expansion. This expansion is five cooperative scenarios for 1-4 players.

Another Kickstarter they will run this year is Dávid Turczi's Dice Settlers. They will be launching the campaign in late March 2018. This title will debut at SPIEL '18 in October.

Also at SPIEL '18 is Daniele Tascini's Teotihuacan: City of Gods. Most notable for The Voyages of Marco Polo, Tascini's latest game focuses on the construction the Mesoamerican Pyramid of the Sun.

Not being released this year, but in Q1 2019 is Tribes. This will be a deluxe reprint of Cosmodrome Games' Natives, which debuted at SPIEL '17. It will be the same game, but with upgraded components.

Again, in 2019 we will see Nigel Buckle's Imperium - a civilisation-building game set in ancient times. Players see to the rise of Greek, Roman, Celtic and Egyptian civilisations, from tribe to empire.

For more information check out NSKN's website

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