The Walking Dead: All Out War gets spin-off board game The Walking Dead: Here's Negan

Mantic Miniatures Zombies Skybound

Author: Bex Jordan

Published June 26, 2018

The Walking Dead: All Out War is expanding with a brand new narrative driven board game based on the graphic novel of the same name; The Walking Dead: Here's Negan. The game will include All Out War walker figures, the other 19 models in the set being brand new to Mantic’s line-up.

Players will take on the semi-co-operative roles of Negans’ lieutenants as they work together to keep their settlement free of infection and zombies, but also compete to build their individual reputations with Negan himself to gain his favour. Negan himself is controlled with the games AI following players around map and can be used to help fend off zombies, but will cost reputation to use.

The game includes 12 scenarios based on the story of the graphic novel, with random events keeping it all a bit more unpredictable.

Mantic has confirmed that the game will not be heading to Kickstarter, instead going to straight into shops this November.

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